Monday, July 02, 2007


This beautiful video of John Michael Talbot performing Only in God has gotten 1,500 hits on YouTube so far, and is rated at the top level: 5 stars. It is from a concert he gave in Florida.

I asked permission from the JMT Public Relations people to use it on this blog. I also learned that John Michael has recorded his 50th album, which will be released next month. It's called Living Water and will be in the solo meditative style shown here.

I told the JMT people I would ask how many of my readers are John Michael Talbot fans. So if you are, please drop me a line. If I get a good response maybe they will let me run more of his videos!

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betty said...

I soooooo enjoyed JMT's Only In God! I pray you get many responses...I'd love to hear more! I have many of his cds and can't wait til Living Water comes out.

Blessings to you, Friend!