Friday, July 27, 2007


Can you find the surprise the caption refers to?

On another blog where I often write about the nature and wildlife experiences I have here in my beloved Texas Hill Country, I posted this photo as "Hill Country Sunrise." However, since this blog is primarily for "church folks," I changed the wording a little. Did you find the "surprise?

Special thanks to my good friend and prayer partner Jean Eastes for sharing this photo.


rene said...

Could the gold in this picture be the underside of the streets of heaven? :)

I found your blog while recuperating last spring and have been visiting off and on since then. I'm always inspired by what I find here!

Jay KTX said...


Thank you for the encouragement.

About the "surprise," for now I will just say there is something else there. Why don't you take another look just a little lower than the middle and guess again?

rene said...

I do see the cross. Isn't it amazing the lengths that our Heavenly Father goes to remind us of His great love for us!

betty said...