Thursday, May 01, 2008

Jesus Proclaimed at Headwaters of Guadalupe

Intercessors from multiple churches in Kerr County, Texas, gathered in unity April 28 at the headwaters of the Guadalupe River to pray, worship, and proclaim the name of Jesus over the river and all it touches as it flows outward. They also served communion to one another.

Come reign in Kerr County, Lord Jesus, and all the counties, communities and towns in contact with the Guadalupe. May the river of heaven flow through families and individuals, bringing your love, joy and peace. May you be glorified.

Let's Go Down to the River & Pray!

Where I live it is possible to cross over several pristine rivers in one day! The closest to me is the beautiful Guadalupe, which starts in our county and flows through many others into the Gulf of Mexico where it unites with the waters there and ultimately touches distant shores.

Rivers Symbolize the Life Flow of God

Since rivers in the Bible symbolize the life-giving flow of God in our lives by His Holy Spirit, they have a special meaning to the Church.

Praying at the Guadalupe Headwaters

Last Monday intercessors from several churches in the area united in prayer and worship and proclaimed the name of Jesus at the headwaters of the Guadalupe, declaring that He would touch all communities and families that the waters of the River touch as it flows outward from springs and seeps in the Texas Hill Country.

May the Spirit of God Flow Like a Mighty River

Today it was natural as I thought about what would be appropriate to mark this special occasion of our National Day of Prayer that the River of God came to mind. My prayer is that the Spirit of God flow like a mighty river through the families, churches and institutions of America in a powerful way, cleansing and restoring all that is touched, bringing His mercy, goodness and power to our land for His divine purpose.