Wednesday, May 30, 2007


For God's kids, the door is always open. So it should be simple for us to walk right in and fellowship with him, right? I want it to be that way and sometimes it is. But not always. Recently I have been struggling over a situation involving one of my children. I know God wants to take the burden off me and I know his door is open, so what's the problem?

I Kept Wrestling With It

I had gone before God and prayed and come to a kind of semi-peace. Semi in that I wasn't carrying the entire problem but little thoughts kept nagging me and I would have to keep wrestling with them, reminding myself that I had left that with God.

Little Foxes Spoil the Vine

Proverbs says it's the little foxes that spoil the vine and these "little thoughts" were robbing me of peace. When I got good and tired of it I threw myself on the floor - for me that is a reminder of the need to humble myself and admit I am desperate - and I cried out to God for wisdom in the matter. Shortly thereafter I prayed again and this time I broke through. I realized I had been trying to deal with the thoughts but had pushed down my feelings about the situation and not brought them to the Lord.

Tell Him All Your Troubles

Ps. 142 says to pour out our complaints to the Lord, to tell him our troubles. I thought I had done that, but until I really got gut-level honest with myself and God about my feelings in this situation, I didn't get peace. I knew that once (click here) but I forgot it!

I share this as a reminder to myself and possibly a hint to someone else who might have prayed but not broken through. God is available to help us. His door is open. If we aren't walking in his peace, the problem is with us.

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betty said...

We are all human...give it up...take it back...give it up...

Until we lay it at His feet (totally) there will be no peace. Why do we wrestle? Can't we learn?!

betty said...

oops! I just let a comment at the other link!