Monday, May 07, 2007


Bruce Marchiano recently appeared in person at Impact Christian Fellowship in Kerrville, TX to share with the congregation his testimony and experiences playing Jesus in the Matthew film and his future plans for filming John. Impact presented the Matthew film in three parts, with the last part being presented on Good Friday with Bruce present.

John as a Ministry Tool

In a taped interview presented to the congregation in segments after his appearance, Bruce shared his vision for John. It will be strictly Word-based, using the text of John as it appears in the New International Version.

His purpose in the project is to provide free copies of the film as an outreach and ministry tool. He wants to put it in the hands of all ministries, evangelists and members of the Body of Christ to share with others. He expects it to be distributed by all means possible, including Internet downloads.

A String of Pearls

About the film itself, he says that it will not be like the Matthew film in that it will not have an ongoing story format but will be a series of Jesus encounters and events strung together like a string of pearls, as it is in the Biblical account.

Raising Finances

Bruce's enthusiasm for this project is contagious. He is raising finances one dollar at a time. In this manner he will be free to make decisions on filming and distribution from a Word and ministry viewpoint rather than having to answer to commercial investors. He estimates that he will need $25 million.

Click here to check out the John website and to read recommendations by Jack Hayford and the President of the International Bible Society. Donations can be made at this site also.

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