Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Our guest writer today lives in England. We began exchanging emails when he critiqued my "Garden" article. I returned the favor by critiquing some of his writing. My favorite, inspired by Psalm 23, appears below. It turns out that what I thought of as an excellent poem was really written as a song. It, and other songs and writings, are for sale. If you're interested, or if you just want to read more of his work, click here. An MP3 of the song is available by request. To communicate with Geoff, use the Private Messenger after following the link.


My God protects and cares for me
As a shepherd tends his sheep.
The lake is clear and still for me
And by its banks I sleep.

My God renews my soul for me
And guides my wayward feet.
His name's a shining light for me,
His love for me's complete.

My God is with me in the vale
As death's dark shadows grow.
And as the evening light turns pale,
The more his strength I know.

My God prepares a meal for me,
Invites my foes to sup.
His blessings pour like oil on me,
His love spills from my cup.

My God will watch me evermore,
His care will never cease.
He'll call to me at heaven's door:
'Come in and share my Peace!'

Photo (c),, Daniela Haussmann,
made available at flickr Creative Commons 2.0

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