Friday, September 15, 2006


The following is a creative piece I wrote for a contest using the topic, "Garden." See if you recognize the characters. ~~~~

Dearest Evie, where are you? What is that you have in your hand? Yes, it's pretty. Please don't eat it. Don't even think about how it tastes! Who told you it will make you wise?

Can't I talk you out of this? You've never gone against me before. Or against our Awesome Friend who walks with us in the cool of the evening. Remember that I told you He created this garden and all that is in it? As I have told you before, He put us in charge of everything and told us we could eat from all the trees except this one. If you are hungry for something new, why don't we pick fruit from that other tree, the one called Life?

I fear things will never be the same if you eat this forbidden fruit. Disobeying will change you. We will be separated in some way, living together, yet apart. I cannot bear that.

If you are determined to eat, Dear One, then I must eat, too, so that whatever happens, we experience it together.

. . . Oh, Evie, what have we done?

Genesis 3:6 & 7

Photo by Magalie L'Abbe flickerCC

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betty said...

Evie, oh Evie! Life will never be the same!!!