Thursday, August 17, 2006


Previously, I mentioned visiting Liberty Revival Church, aka LRC, in Houston, TX. (The address and a photo of their sanctuary is down the page a bit.) It is a unique church without pews, without walls, on the cutting edge of technology, founded 19 years ago by Ernie and Lyn Fitzpatrick. On their website at LRC is described as progressive, yet traditional in values.


You don't have to live in Houston to profit from Ernie and Lyn's expertise. If you're a woman, you will be incredibly blessed, and possibly transformed, by reading Lyn's meditations. Her latest one details how she went from "blah" to blessed. Here's an excerpt.

Recently, I went through a period of feeling like God was a long way off . . . I've walked with him long enough to know it'’s not a forever thing, but it really stinks while you're in it. I was lonely, directionless, and generally blah. I had run down the spiritual checklist of what to do when you find yourself in the desert: keep praying, keep reading your Bible, confess all your sins, forgive where needed, press in, persevere, etc., etc. Life was still very dry, so I ditched the checklist. It didn't seem to be getting me anywhere, so I went back to blah. You know you're a mess when every other sentence is, “Whatever.”

That's the blah part. The blessed part comes through a revelation of God's love involving a sunset-colored dog named Lady. Find this devotional and others on her beautiful website at or click here. Lyn's transparency and her spiritual sensitivity are evident in all her articles.


Ernie, a former businessman, has a heart to help people prosper in the business world by embracing Kingdom principles in business and personal spheres. He blogs on current events, politics and finance at click here. Ernie also is the author of three e-books available on the church website, as well as,,,, and


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