Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Women of the Word, Women of Power

The first time I read Ps 68:11 & 12 in the Amplified Bible I was in a season of my life where I was home full-time. And what I read stunned me. Was God really saying I could have a powerful life that impacted others even though I was a "homebody"? I didn't have to do something significant like be a foreign missionary? Or president of the PTA, or march in the street, or head a corporation?

Yes, that's what it says -- a woman who "tarries at home" (vs. 12) can have a life of power that causes the enemy to flee. She can plunder from him and divide the spoils with those around her.

The key is that God gives the word. It's His word entrusted to her that provides the power. As she carries it and releases it, His power is released. In this way she partners with God in a unique and personal way. Through this partnership, victories are won -- victories that not only benefit her but others as well.

How does she get this empowering word? By fellowshipping with God, by submitting herself to Him, by making time with Him a priority. This life-changing word comes out of relationship. And it is available to all women who will make time to draw near to him, not just homebodies. Later I went on to a career in publishing. And now I'm in a new season and at home again. Along the way I've learned that whatever the season -- it is still the time spent alone with Him that brings victory and power to my life.

The Word Released Works

After finishing the above post, I realized it wasn't complete without an example. So I prayed about what would be appropriate to share. This is the memory that came to me: My sister and I were traveling together in Arizona. We began to fellowship around Jehovah Rapha, the Lord our healer, and proclaim scriptures out loud such as "By His stripes I am healed" (Isaiah 53:5) and "He forgives all my sins; He heals all my diseases" (Psalm 103:3). We spent the third night of our journey in a tiny log cabin perched on the edge of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Sometime in the night I awoke when my sister cried out. She had gotten up to go to the bathroom and, in that moment, God had restored sight to her blind right eye.

Now back to Psalm 68:11 and 12 for a summary: God had given the word of power. We had carried His word with us and published it (proclaimed it, released it, shared it with each other.) The result was victory over darkness and disease. My sister literally "saw" the results! Later God healed her of MS, a healing verified by an MRI that showed the lesions noted by previous MRIs gone. She testified to that, prayed for others and saw more healing take place, in perfect demonstration of our scripture verse.


sisterkey said...

How sweet it is to have a sister in the Lord-- especially one so gifted in both understanding and communicating His Word. I loved your description from the Psalms of a woman "who tarries at home." As a member of a "contemplative" Franciscan order, I was delighted to find a phrase so "grounded" in the spiritual reality of a woman rooted in home-life, trying to live "in the world" but "not of it." Thank you for obeying God in publishing your Blog. I look forward to each posting. Blessings, Sister Key.

Jay KTX said...

Thank you, sister dear. I'm glad you approve of how I handled such a big moment in your life.

Layman said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere. Good post with which to kick things off.

Sleep-Deprived said...

So glad you have joined the blogosphere! What a wonderful (and timely) post - it encourages me about a number of things God is currently speaking to me about healing. I believe your post will also bring much encouragement to a couple of my dear sisters in the Lord.

momof3boys said...

What an encouragement today's posting has been to me (one of sleepdeprived's sisters in the Lord). My sister currently has an active and aggressive form of MS residing in her body. She is coming to CA on 3/31/06 and attending a Women's Retreat with me from 4/7/06 - 4/9/06. We have been speaking alot about our Jehovah Rapha, Our Lord that Heals, and I would love to hear more about this posting. Thank you, momof3boys

Jay KTX said...

Thank you Layman and Sleep-Deprived for the welcome and kind words.

Momof3boys: Healing is a subject dear to my heart. The healing that came to my sister on our trip was instant. The healing of MS was progressive. It came later and accompanied a time of personal restoration. (Ps. 68:9). Her part is seen in vv 10 and 12. She practiced "tarrying at home" and she made the Lord her dwelling place. There was also the fellowship factor. She and I are committing to praying for you and your sister, especially during the special time you mentioned. We'll be in touch.