Thursday, March 23, 2006

Have You Ever Been Weary?

I’m talking about a weariness of spirit that erodes patience and zeal for life, makes us snap at others (especially little ones) and sets us against our mate or best friend with an attitude of “What’s your problem?” when the truth is we are the problem. Weariness is the problem. Psalm 68:9 shows this is the state of the psalmist just before God gave the word of victory that we looked at yesterday. Verse 9 in the Amplified Bible reads like this: You, O God, did send a plentiful rain. You did restore and confirm your heritage when it languished and was weary.

Just when we feel like we have failed God and those closest to us, just when He seems nowhere on the premises, He restores and confirms us. Verse 10 says that in His goodness He provides for the poor and needy.

God's Glory is His Goodness

One of my favorite passages is in the last part of Exodus 33 when Moses says to God: “Show me your glory.” And the Lord not only is pleased to do what Moses asked but He defines his glory as His goodness: I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you and I will proclaim my name…(Ex 33:19 NIV). He then further defines His goodness as mercy and compassion.

Much has been said, sung and written about the glory of God. And rightly so. But God’s own definition of His glory in this passage is His goodness, His mercy and His compassion. Psalm 23 bears this out. What is it that “surely follows” us all the days of our lives? Goodness and Mercy.

James 2:13 tells us that “mercy triumphs over judgment.” Sometimes weariness is lifted by remembering these verses and the truth of God’s goodness and mercy and then choosing to receive his mercy and release it to those around us. And, perhaps most importantly, to ourselves.

The Cure for Weariness

But for the real cure for weariness we need to go back to Psalm 68:9 and see that it is the rain that God sends that “restores and confirms” and precedes the release of the Word of power. If we are living in the “languishing and weariness” part of this Psalm, we need to ask for “plentiful rain.” Ask for the refreshing, restoration and confirmation that we need. Ask for the word of power that will defeat our enemies. Whenever possible we need to “tarry” with Him (V 12 Amplified Bible). Seek Him. Listen for His word expectantly. If a next step is needed, we should go to one of those described in Verse 11 as a “great host” who bear and publish the word of power and ask for special prayer support and fellowship until God “restores and confirms” and gives us our own word of power. He will. He always does what He says He will do.

I'll share in the future about my own recovery from weariness.

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sisterkey said...

This posting is so rich and deep, it has driven me to my Bible and to my knees in prayer. Also, its description of the rains is timely, since the Hill Country of Texas has been wonderfully drenched with actual rains after a time of "weariness" called drought. Blessings be upon you, dear Sister/sister. Hello to layman, sleep-deprived and momof3. I'm Carolyn (nicknamed "Key") who the Lord healed of MS. I thank God every day for that healing, as it has changed my life so radically-- and my healing testimony resulted in God's healing for others. Truly, "Releasing His Word" and proclaiming it with my sister, Jay KTX, led to my ability to receive His gracious healing.